REG-9000/RHD (Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel)

Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel is an Advanced Biofuel

  • 100 percent hydrocarbon renewable fuel produced by hydrotreating fats and oils
  • Enhances energy security and diversity
  • Supports agriculture
  • Creates and maintains jobs
  • Supports protein production

Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel is Easy to Use

  • Can be used in existing diesel engines without modification
  • Able to use 100 percent renewable hydrocarbon diesel or a blend of renewable hydrocarbon diesel

Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel Performs

  • Provides very similar horsepower, torque and fuel mileage as compared to petroleum diesel fuel
  • Increased cetane aids self-ignition of fuel and allows for easier starting, smoother running engines and reliable operation

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