Renewable Chemicals

REG started its renewable chemicals division in 2014 with the addition of its South San Francisco, California, office. The research and development team and proprietary technology platform they invented are the foundation on which we are developing a robust, growing and profitable industrial biotechnology business. Our research and development facility in South San Francisco includes laboratory capabilities encompassing strain engineering, enzyme engineering, synthetic biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, analytical chemistry, automation, high-throughput screening, feedstock evaluation, bio-process development, recovery development and a pilot plant.


Our renewable chemicals division is developing an industrial biotechnology platform for the cost-competitive production of sustainable chemical products. The heart of the technology lies in its biological catalysts, which are engineered to selectively convert renewable feedstocks — such as corn, cane, crude glycerin from biodiesel production, and cellulosic sugars — directly to fuel and chemical products. REG applies synthetic biology to combine the highly efficient metabolism of microorganisms with new biocatalytic capabilities. The resulting catalysts selectively and efficiently convert renewable feedstocks to a target product in a single-step fermentation process. The product is secreted from the cell where it forms a light organic phase that facilitates recovery. Our proprietary technology is designed to enable multiple products to be produced from ​the same fermenter in cost-competitive processes. For more information on industrial biotechnologies and life sciences click here.

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